The Story Seller

I view everything in life as a picture, article or TV segment. I’m obsessed with telling and sharing stories to inspire others and change people’s lives. I can’t help it– I’m a publicist!

Make that… award-winning publicist! My campaign for Tetley Tea won 1st Place at the 2018 NJ Ad Club Jersey Awards for PR: Best Media Feature and PR: Best of Public Relations for the company I worked with. I booked a live tea tasting on the Today Show outside Windsow Castle the day before the Royal Wedding. It was a highlight of my career. That’s a glimpse into my professional life, but here’s more.

The short version:

I’m Joelle: a (re)married mom of two from New Jersey who works from home as a lifestyle publicist, rescues dogs, wrote a book about getting divorced in my 20s, is allergic to most food, obsesses over non-diaper looking bags, enjoys soap operas, and aims to inspire others to chase their dreams…all while documenting my own in writing and photos. I love interviewing and promoting inspirational people with stories that can help enhance people’s lives.

The longer version:

I’m Joelle: a (re)married mom of two (a 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son) from New Jersey who works from home as a lifestyle publicist. My career goal has always been to have a successful career working from home, so I can be as present as possible in my children’s lives and still chase my own dreams and bring in an income. Since college, I started my own companies in hopes of making this happen. But who knew launching your own magazine and PR firm from indie musicians wasn’t going to make me money? Well, me- after years of trying while working as a barista! It took me 14 years- seriously- to finally achieve my goal of being a work from home mom. Now, I’m a full-time freelancer. I’m contracted for an amazing book PR firm and I also take on my own projects through Zine and Heard PR (it’s in my blood to always have a project of my own going on!) where I work with only clients that I choose and love- like local business owners or animal rescues- those that deserve attention but can’t afford to hire an agency. And I’m so excited to also be partnering with an old friend/ colleague on music licensing for bands and developing reality TV shows! It’s true everything you do along the way leads you to where you are meant to be.

I got divorced in my 20s and wrote a book: Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in your 20s.

It details my personal journey and features empowering stories from my interviews with 70 other young, divorced women across the world. (We have a secret Facebook support group, so if you’re one of us, please email me — trashthedressbook at to join!)

My husband works as an Italian food importer, travels a lot (I hate it) and makes really great pizza. I’m allergic to most food and paranoid to eat in public places. We adopt dogs and currently have two fur-children. I love soap operas, was obsessed with photography way before Instagram and believe that you always have to take steps to achieve your dreams.


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It’s faux leather. Save the animals.

Just living one of my dreams and cuddling a piglet!