The Comeback Tour- A Trash the Dress Romance Novel

We’ve all fantasized about dating our favorite boy band member and for one young divorced woman, that teenage dream comes true—but is falling in love with the “bad boy” whose posters lined her bedroom walls and now needs her to redeem his reputation worth the consequences?

Cailin McCall spent her teenage years chasing boy bands, particularly 5 Leo Hearts. After she finds herself divorced, and recently fired from her unfulfilling job at age 29, Cailin vows to stop settling and start living life to its fullest. When her friend offers her a job working as a music publicist, Cailin figures she has nothing left to lose…except she ends up risking her credibility, vows to herself, and her heart.

Jax Slater has been dubbed the “bad boy” of 5 Leo Hearts, a boy band worshiped by millions of fans worldwide. He garnered a reputation for his womanizing ways until he settled into a relationship with a female pop star. When she broke his heart, he retreated from the public eye for a decade until now: the release of his solo album and tour. He’s determined to break out of all stereotypes, show he’s a true artist who can write hit songs and play guitar, and find lasting love with a normal girl… except the one he wants is his new publicist and she’s off-limits.

Once they start working together, Jax can’t help but fall back into his flirty ways with Cailin. With years of built up yearning for Jax lingering, Cailin can’t resist. They agree to keep their romance a secret and Cailin finds herself in pinch-me moments that seem too good to be true. And they just might be.

After making it through one crisis after another, the pair are caught off guard and their road to romance comes to a screeching halt. Cailin realizes that she might not really know Jax after all. Jax must confront the fact that his reckless past might be catching up to him.

Can Jax give the biggest performance of his life, and remind Cailin that their love is off the charts?

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THE COMEBACK TOUR is the first romance novel in the @trashthedressbook fiction series! The series follows a group of friends in an online divorce support group as each woman embarks on her happily EVEN after.

Cover illustration and design by Cindy Ras.


The Comeback Tour
Speranza, Joelle

Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in your 20s

At age 28, Joelle Caputa found herself suddenly jobless, divorcing, and rebuilding her life. She cried … and then she conquered. Now she’s telling it like it is with a little help from fellow twenty-something divorcées around the world.

Joelle set out on a mission to unite young divorcées and show them that the end of a marriage in their twenties is just the beginning of the lives they were meant to lead. By conducting interviews, moderating online support group discussions and hosting meet-ups, Joelle is reporting from the trenches and providing insight into this untapped and often misunderstood community.

Learn why young women got hitched and then ditched, about their daily struggles, and most importantly, how they’re celebrating their divorces. Follow along as participants trash their wedding dresses, get transformational tattoos, host divorce parties, check adventures off their bucket lists, reflect on lessons learned and even fall in love again.

Tapping into the professional expertise of participants, Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in Your 20s spotlights top getaway destinations from a travel agent, healing advice from a therapist, steps for rocking the divorcée title from a lawyer, and meditative methods from a yogi.

Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in Your 20s has been featured on media outlets including Huffington PostInternational Business Times, Maclean’s, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Globe and Mail It’s a must-read for not only young divorcées, but also all twenty-something women considering tying the knot.


Princess Genevieve: The Hero with Girl Power

Princess Genevieve: The Hero with Girl Power shows young girls that you don’t have to be royal in order to have girl power. Every girl can channel the brave, smart, kind, mindful, and confident princess within herself to be the hero of her own fairytale. Readers will learn that with imagination and determination, anything is possible.  Read along and then enjoy the bonus activities: Sing “The Girl Power Anthem,” Find Sight Words, Learn Ways to Be Your Own Hero, Recognize Rhyming Words, Turn to Discussion Topics, Color a Bonus Page, and View art by Genevieve Speranza.

Princess Genevieve is by a mother, for her daughter. The characters in this book are based on the Speranzas: a New Jersey family that loves dogs, pizza, and dance parties. Joelle Speranza wrote this book to capture her daughter Genevieve’s passions and dreams at five years old

My Heart is in Your Heart

My Heart Is In Your Heart is an endearing reminder for our children that whether we’re together or apart, and through all of their emotions, they always have a parent’s love. This simple phrase will become a source of comfort as children embark on new experiences, like the first day of school, and continue as they grow. It’s a sweet thank-you for the life changing love they’ve given their parents. This story was inspired by a mother for her children, but the adorable watercolor illustrations of animals and their babies appeal to all families, traditional or non-traditional.


The Bright Side of Daddy's Business Trips

In this book, children will learn that there are many families with parents who travel for work. The bright side of business trips is discovering ways to make the most of the time you do have when you’re together.

Author Joelle Speranza wrote this book as a Father’s Day gift for her husband. She doesn’t mind holding down the fort while he travels, as long as she doesn’t have to shovel snow.

Bonus feature:  Get a list of ideas for your family to make the most of business trips.