What Does Girl Power Mean to You?


What Does Girl Power Mean to You?

I want your quote!

As part of my mission to empower girls and also promote my upcoming children’s book, Princess Genevieve: The Hero with Girl Power, I am compiling quotes on “WHAT DOES GIRL POWER MEAN TO YOU?”

I want to feature quotes from women and especially young girls (hoping for some really cute responses!) These quotes will be featured on social media, a blog post on the new website I am launching (I literally bought my URL and put up a draft on Thanksgiving morning because once I have an idea, I get so excited I need to start getting it out into the world) AND pitching an article to a media outlet with all our quotes.

Please help me by submitting a quote from you or your daughter. Send along with your photo and name. For kids, include their age. For adults, I’d love to share your job title as well. Email to me at joelle @ joellesperanza.com.

I look forward to sharing and appreciate the support more than you know.

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