Princess Genevieve is in Production

Right before my family and I left for our first trip to Disney World, I had one princess on my mind- -Princess Genevieve! That’s right. The main character in my new children’s book, inspired by my five-year-old daughter.

I worked my butt off editing, pulling later nights than I would have liked when I was exhausted from full days of work and momming– and I did it! I uploaded all my files to BookBaby, which I am using to self-publish.

I wanted to fully unplug and destress while on my trip and know that while I was away enjoying the most magical place on the planet, designers were laying out my book. I hate the anticipation of waiting to see the files, so at least I got my mind off it for one week.

And as for Disney World? It was amazing! Visit my Instagram@hellojoelleto see more photos.





Lesson Learned from this Story: Work hard and totally unplug from work while on family vacation. Be present. That’s the biggest present you can give.

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