I’m Joelle- a publicist and author who aims to empower girls of all ages and life stages. From recent college grads with aspiring careers, to those starting new chapters as newly single women, and of course, the moms reaching for the stars while they have a child reaching for their hand. I write stories, I promote stories, I inspire others to turn their stories into positive experiences. I’ve been through it all and I hope to help others on their journeys whether it’s raising themselves up or raising children. This is me: a goal-getting mom, publicist, author, writer, tv show scout, rescue dog advocate, iced decaf coffee drinker, photography loving, soap opera watching, former music scenester, straight-edge, tattooed, glasses wearing, bag obsessed, 38 year-old from NJ. I have food allergies, chronic fatigue and worries, but I am a warrior. Now, I want to hear your story! Let’s connect.

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