Letting Go of Control


I let go of control yesterday and sent Luca for a haircut with Frank. Did I fear he would come back with a horrible haircut? Yes. Did I send specific instructions and photos of the haircut I wanted? Also yes. Did Luca do much better getting his haircut without mommy to cling onto? Actually, yes! Do I love fall because I don’t have to style my hair and I can wear my favorite hats? Heck, yes!

Lesson Learned from this Story: Kids won’t pose for photos when they just wake up from naps. As a mom you want to be there for everything your child does, esp if it’s during the weekend (basically the only precious full-time days working moms get with their kids), but it’s also important for dads to do one-on-one things with their kids. The guys got bonding time and my girl and I got to play #barbies uninterrupted. Wins all around.

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