Dining Out with Kids


Family fun: take your kids to dinner where they barely eat anything except for the french fries. Reward them for not eating by ordering special shakes for dessert that one barely drinks and the other uses his straw to splash it everywhere. Then, go to Target because it’s next door and duh, Target. Buy things your husband scoffs at, like a faux fur jacket for your daughter’s Christmas dress. Purchase Paw Patrol cars because your son is obsessed with them on the commercials and you had to pry the giant gift set out of his hand and at least replaced that with smaller, cheaper cars. Then, reward yourself with an iced decaf Americana even though the temperature outside is freezing. Reward kids again for not eating because it’s Friday night fun and they want candy cane cake pops…. that they don’t eat. Come home and unpack everything you bought while the kids both pass out watching TV…on your bed… Wake up the next morning and order the Paw Patrol and Frozen 2 toys they wanted so Santa can deliver… even though you said you were done with their Christmas shopping.
Lesson Learned from this Story: Sometimes you just gotta have fun and spoil your kids even if it goes against parenting logic. Pick your battles and just go with the flow when you want to enjoy a family fun night.

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