Princess Genevieve Update


I’ve been reading drafts of @princessgenevievebook to my girl throughout my writing process. She tries to memorize the words so she can pretend she is reading along with me. It’s really cute. But I keep editing and the words keep changing on her!

Now that I added a pop star line, Genevieve requested that I mention #jojosiwa in the book! (Not happening) Any other moms with JoJo-loving daughters out there?! Did you know her name is also Joelle?!

Also, now that the illustrations by @fireflygraphicdesign are in the manuscript, Genevieve is really excited to talk about them.
I have some bonus content at the end of the book, filled with fun activities and discussion questions for parents and caregivers to ask their little girls. Today, I asked Genevieve all the questions. Her responses were really cute and I think I will film it since she is like me and likes making videos!

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