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Being a parent is so scary. Earlier this week, after I dropped Genevieve off at school and was walking home, I checked my phone to see that I missed a call from the district telling us to check our email. There was a threat on our schools today from someone in another county. Luckily, the person was caught via Snapchat. But this just brings back my fear that my little 5 year old girl could have been in a dangerous situation. It was so hard for me to get over my anxiety of her starting school where things like this could be an issue and I was finally in a good place. I know she is safe in her school, and we don’t even know what school the threat was made at. And the good news is the person was caught. But it basically will have me upset all day. I use mantras to help get me through it and try not to think about the “what if” situations because worrying is a waste of the day and takes you away from the present. Worrying solves nothing. We just have to have faith. And I will, but I will also be the first parent at school today for pickup and arrive early!!

Lesson Learned from this Story: As parents, we will always worry about our children but we must learn to manage those fears and not let them stop us from living our lives. Easier said than done but when scary situations arise that activate these fears, using mantras like “be a warrior, not a worrier,” or “trust the universe,” and “my thoughts are not reality” can help.

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