Princess Genevieve Book: Meet Kara


Hot mess moms.

That’s what Kara @pandagrl429 wants to caption this picture of us at dancing school.

Kara has been my editor for @princessgenevievebook and I am so grateful. She’s read countless drafts and helped me brainstorm ways to connect everything together. Princess Genevieve book actually began at Kara’s house.

It was during a mommy daughter lunch with our #lollipopballerinasquad over the summer that I was complaining about how birthday party venues charge $35 per person–not just per kid— and wondering how normal people afford to have fun parties and invite all their family and friends without going broke.
That’s when our friend Rosa told me to rent the church hall where she had her kids party because you can invite as many people as you want. So a few weeks before Genevieve’s birthday, I did just that. But I was stressed out to find a theme and then all the decor and favors. I came up with the idea of a royal princess ball. Kara helped me search for G’s costume and then I told her for favors, I was thinking about writing a story book. That turned into Princess Genevieve!
And I somehow conned her into reading my drafts every step of the way and offering her insight as a #teacher. I never printed it for the party, but it’s almost ready for me to self-publish!
On this day, I showed Kara a draft of the layout. I thought I would be able to make some edits while G was in class, but alas, it’s hard when you have a toddler with you too. It’s basically really hard to be a full-time, exhausted working mom of two and try to write a book in your “spare time,” which is basically 10 pm when you want to go to sleep… and usually do. But I am trying to hard to get it finalized and printed in time for everyone to buy as holiday gifts. Send me your energy! ….

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