Anniversaries and Lessons Learned


My husband and I planned the perfect fall wedding in an apple orchard. From hot apple cider served at the ceremony to the decor, we had picture perfect details. Then, it rained on our wedding day. It was hot and the humidity messed up everyone’s hair for pictures. We couldn’t do our first look photos where we planned because of the rain. But after the ceremony it cleared up and we got to take pictures outside.

We said every year on our anniversary that we would go back to the venue and have a Sunday brunch. But then, we had kids and my food allergies got worse with each pregnancy. I can’t even eat the food at the venue anymore. Or go to our favorite restaurants where we started anniversary traditions. We’re not into gifts and don’t exchange for anniversaries. But we do always give each other nice heartfelt cards. The days are so busy and hectic that we hardly make time for each other so it’s nice to see that we still care in writing.

Except this year I forgot to get Frank a card! Major fail. Juggling work full time, two kids, kindergarten homework, sick kids, writing a book, events coming up and just general survival, it slipped my mind. I thought of it once and then just forgot.

You bet Frank got a real card. The following day, I was pretty tired from lack of sleep after a late night (our first date night in like a year) and cranky from waking up with a sore throat and achy body (thanks my #invisibleillness #chronicfatigue) and had to clean a mess of a house. I’m lucky to have @frankiedadbod by my side for the hustle.

And grateful we got to spend our anniversary this year outside in perfect fall weather with two little mini-me’s running around with us. And then it rained again and we had to leave early. And now I am going to tell Alexa to play our wedding song so we can slow dance as a family because that is one tradition we started that can prevail! ……

Lesson Learned for this Story: Bring back my to-do list on post it notes.

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