Friendship and Dream Chasing


This is a story of friendship and dream chasing.

I started working at a movie theater in high school. My cousin was the manager. When a new theater opened in a neighboring town, I worked there to train the staff. Two of those girls were Roe and Jen. We became our own little group and hung out all the time. Work was our social life because we worked nights and weekends. We had so much fun.

They had a cousin named Jessica, who loved music and bands like me. Of course I recruited her to join the staff of my music ‘zine, Planet Verge. Actually, all of them. We literally walked up and down the street of Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair trying to sell ads to local businesses so we had money for printing. We were 100% DIY and got basically every door slammed in our young faces. Jess and I eventually started our own PR company for bands, Audio Crush PR (more on that in next post).

When Frank and I got married, @ohheyjesssager officiated the ceremony. And last weekend, we got to watch her walk down the aisle and marry her love– who is not Tim Pagnotta from #sugarcult or Matt Skiba from #alkalinetrio like we once may have dreamed. But Jess and Mike are the perfect pair and so in love.

Lesson learned from the post: Work friends can become your best friends. You may all be really different in a lot of ways, but that just makes it even better because you will learn new things from each other. And #teamworkmakesthedreamwork.

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