Happily Even After


Happily EVEN After. Here’s inspiration and #selfhelp for #relationships and something to remind you that rainbows appear after storms.

My husband Frank and I recently rang in 6 years of marriage. So here’s a post for all the newly #divorced girls out there or the women considering getting #married after #divorce.

You may have fear about making another “mistake” or questioning how to ensure you’re making the right decision. Your friends and family may have their own comments, especially if it’s your first relationship after divorce or you are getting married after just a short time together. How do you know you’re doing the right thing?


Here’s what I did and also what I write about in my book, Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in your 20s (available on #Amazon @trashthedressmovement).

– Make a Good Riddance List. Write down everything that went wrong in your first marriage, all the sad times, everything that you didn’t like about your #exhusband or the way he made you feel. Close the door on that chapter. Refer to that list everytime you doubt yourself for the divorce.

-Make a Dating Checklist. This should note all the qualities and goals you want in a future mate. If someone doesn’t meet your requirements or you find yourself having to compromise on major, deal breaker issues, this person is NOT who you are supposed to be with.

– Trust your intuition and look for signs from the universe. When Frank and I decided to get married, we went to look for an #engagementring together. We found one we both loved and bought it. When we got in the car to drive home, one of my favorite songs that I never hear came on the radio: “Love of a Lifetime” from Firehouse. (Any #80srock #hairband fans out there?). That was my sign. And we danced to that song on our wedding day during the first dance (and let me tell you I hate public dancing esp 1st dances but I did it for @FRANKIEDADBOD.

One more thing I encourage all engaged couple or those considering #marriage to do is to refer to the Divorcee’s Guide to a Healthy, Happy Marriage on www.trashthedressmovement.com. Compiled from real women who got divorced. Read and discuss the key issues that can break up a marriage and make sure you agree on all.

Lesson Learned from this Story: I found my #happilyevenafter and you can find yours!
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