On Set: The Today Show


I was so, so, so excited to book my Smith Publicity client Lisa Canning on The Today Show! Watch her discuss her book, The Possibility Mom (a must-read for all moms!) during this Mom-versations segment. And check out her behind-the-scenes video here. I even make an appearance on her Instagram stories, which I shared on mine.

Most clients dream of being on The Today Show. And most publicists hear that and know they have mountains to climb. It’s not easy! It can take years of pitching. Or, it can take one try. I’ve had it happen both ways.

Lisa shared in a recent newsletter of hers how we got rejected about four times before I finally secured her a segment, so it was a huge win for me, and her. I never give up, especially when I know it’s a perfect outlet for a client with a really important message that audiences need to hear. It’s just as much my goal to book the highest level of media as it is for my clients to be featured on these shows.

And we did it! I got to meet Lisa for the first time in person when she came to NYC to film. It was so fun. I love working with clients that I personally relate to— and if you remember, after I read Lisa’s book, I was inspired to start this website and reclaim my passion for blogging!

Here are some photos from the day below.

Lesson learned from this post: Work hard, win big.




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