The Wet Brush: How I Upped My Mom Skills and My Hair

My daughter made me feel like a bad mom. Literally every night as I brushed her hair after she got out of the shower. She would scream, tell me I’m not gentle enough and that grandma does it better. Ouch. The ultimate insult. I brushed her hair slowly, in sections and even held it so it didn’t pull at the root. But still, I was the bad mom who always pulled her daughter’s hair as she brushed it when wet. Not even detangler helped. I felt like a horrible mom. 

Then, I heard about the The Wet Brush.

The Wet Brush is a $9 life changing hair tool that every woman and young child needs. The first time I brushed my daughter’s hair with it, she didn’t make one sound. Nothing. Even as I passed through all the knots in her long hair. It was amazing.

Hair styling tools: The Wet Brush, ISO Beauty Blow Dryer and a Flat Iron. Glasses: Zenni Optical.

The other day, I decided to brush my own hair with it. I don’t have knots, but I wanted to give it a try. The Wet Brush glided through my hair. And it totally changed my blow drying game! After using The Wet Brush to blow dry my hair, I noticed a crazy amount of shine! I was getting so annoyed with my hair because I’m growing out a bob and using The Wet Brush just changed my whole head of hair and transformed it into a smooth, glistening perfect style– If my hair was a little longer and didn’t flip out on the ends, I would even go as far as to say I wouldn’t even have to flat iron it.

I’m never going back to a round brush again.

Lesson Learned From This Post: The Wet Brush solves parenting challenges like brushing your kid’s hair and helps moms feel great about themselves and look great, too!

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