Mom Guilt: Morning Drop Off

One of the reasons I transitioned to a work-at-home job is to be a hands-on mom as much as possible. I want to be the parent taking my daughter to and from preschool. I enjoy our 15-minute rides, during which we count school buses or play “I Spy.” It also gives me an excuse to be dressed and out of the house.

But some mornings, it’s just easier for my husband to do the morning drop off. And it makes me feel sad. My husband tells me he values this one-on-one time with our daughter too, and I need to think about him and not just myself. I get it. It makes it a little easier, I guess.

Last night, I was up a lot during the night taking care of our 22-month old son. So when my morning alarm went off, I shut it off and cuddled back under the covers for a few extra minutes. The baby was already up for over an hour, playing with my husband, so I took advantage of this little self-care time. But it set me back on my morning routine and I didn’t have time to shower and get myself ready in addition to getting G ready for school.

G wanted her dad to take her and his schedule today allowed it, so it all worked out. I know I should be grateful but I still have a little mom guilt that I don’t do it all, especially when I have the dream job that lets me have that time.

But there’s always the next school day- and I’m on my way for pick-up now!

Lesson learned from this post: “Dad” is a parent too and it’s OK to not do everything yourself. If you have help, accept it.

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