My Public Relations Work Won Two Awards!

This week I hit a career milestone- my work won two awards!

The NJ Ad Club Awards Jersey Awards for 2018 campaigns just took place. I found out my work last year at The S3 Agency swept the PR category, winning Best Media Placement and Best of Public Relations for Tetley Tea’s segment on The Today Show live from Windsor Castle the day before the Royal Wedding. My first PR awards! That was such a career highlight and a huge win for all. 

The universe truly aligned on that placement for me. It’s a magical PR story filled with lots of hard work over a year and then being able to leverage something timely in the media. It just worked out perfectly- better than anyone could have ever dreamed. For those of you reading this who don’t work in the PR or the media, I’ll tell you that booking your client on the Today Show is a huge feat. Booking your client on The Today Show during Royal Wedding coverage? The biggest thing ever. Having the segment take place in front of Windsor Castle during all this? Basically a publicist’s fairy tale. Emotions explode.

It was so exciting and so rewarding for me to see all my work and creativity result in something so legendary- not just for me, but also for the brand, and the company I represented at the time.

Now I work at Smith Publicity, where booking TV segments is a big focus of my job. I recently booked my client, Laura Gassner Otting on Good Morning America and also Lisa Canning on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family and it was the same feeling for each. Just watching my clients on TV in front of national audiences, sharing advice that can help change people’s lives– and knowing that I am helping to change their own lives by helping to raise public awareness of them and making their dreams come true…it’s why I love what I do!

Lesson learned from this post: Do what you love and the rewards will come, in more ways than one.

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  1. Congratulations, Joelle: that is wonderful news and richly deserved. I work in a similar sector (communications), so am well aware what a huge achievement it is to win those bookings and achieve that sort of coverage – and how much hard work must have gone into doing so.

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