Tote-ally Must Have Beach Bag: Baggallini Beach Tote

Baggallini Beach Tote- frequently on sale.

Day trips to the beach or pool require a lot of planning and packing when you have kids. After you gather your bathing suits, change of clothes, food, towels, bottles, toys, snacks, and everything else, you might find yourself with multiple bags and in need of a wagon to pull it all. I know, because we are that family.

I am always on the lookout for bags and when I saw the Baggalini Beach Tote on clearance and a sale on top of that, I had to score it. Originally priced $78 and I got it for… wait for it… $18!!! This is one of the benefits of constantly monitoring online sales for your favorite brands. Most people aren’t looking for beach bags in the winter when I got this, but I am always building my stock of bags to help make life on-the-go with two kids easier. This is one of those bags.

Here’s why it’s a must have and I love it:

It’s huge. Like huge. Too big to use as an everyday tote but perfect for day trips when you need to pack more than usual.

It has outside pockets. I can store at least two water bottles or baby bottles on EACH outside end pocket. Plus the back pocket is perfect to fit tablets.

The inside pockets. There are two inside side pockets that can also hold water bottles or snacks, or allow me to easily organize a change of clothes for each kid– or even keep shoes separate from everything else.

It’s lightweight. This is a must-have for me. When you will be packing a bag to the max, it’s always good to have a bag be a light as possible, to ease tension on your shoulders and back when carrying it.

The design is colorful and fun.

It’s waterproof and easy to clean, which means it won’t really get worn out looking or dirty.

I even use this bag when we go on long day trips and I want to pack pajamas and a bunch of toys. It really is a must-have mom bag! I can even fit a smaller crossbody bag for me that I can just grab out when I need it.

Lesson learned from this post: Shopping online sales ahead of season can help you score great “seasonal” bags that can really be used all year long.

Joelle Speranza


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