Solving the Double Stroller Dilemma with Joovy

When you have your second child, you quickly learn that you can’t just get up and go anywhere at anytime- especially if you’re going on a solo shopping trip with the kids. That’s where having a double stroller is crucial.

There are so many options on the market that choosing a model can be daunting. So I’m going to share why I love the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller.

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We were under pressure to get a double stroller when our son was three months old and we planned a trip to Sesame Place. Our requirements:

-Reclinable seats safe for an infant

-A huge storage basket (Joovy has the largest on the market. We can fit everyone’s jackets when we go to the mall in the winter, toys we win on the boardwalk in the summer, diaper bags, you name it– and I can use it instead of a cart when we go shopping!)

-Side by side (so the kids can sit next to each other, stay put at outdoor show, etc. and can eat in it.)

-Fit through doorways at stores

-Lightweight and easy for me to lift and fold away.

A double stroller that is side-by-side as opposed to stacked allows you to get more use out of it with your kids. For instance, they can sit in it during a street parade and snack on ice treats.

The Joovy stroller is one of my favorite accessories. The storage basket won me over while I was comparing brands online. But the total package keeps me happy on a daily basis. I can go out with both kids alone and shop and don’t have to worry about how I am going to push two carts, etc. It’s given me freedom as a mom of two!

Lesson learned from this post: Solve your double stroller dilemma and get a Joovy.

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