10 Reasons Your Dog Hates You After You Have a Baby

Remember all those nights spent spooning in bed? The days romping around the park? And moments of pure bliss, like when you came home from work and ran into each other’s embrace? Your dog does. But now that your firstborn baby has arrived, your canine feels like it’s been demoted from fur-child to the ugly step child in a not so fairy tale.

You had a baby and now your dog hates you.

Here’s why your dog is suffering from post-partum depression:

  1. Walks become few and far between. The dog’s leash now hangs in the closet while you stumble around your house like a zombie and use any spare moment to catch up on sleep.
  2. Bedtime isn’t as comfortable. You kicked your dog off the bed. Long gone are the nights of cuddling with a furry butt in your face. Now, your dog has been demoted to–the nerve of you–a pet bed, with no blanket. Meanwhile, your baby is next to you, because that’s the only place the little one will sleep.
  3. Leftover food is thrown out. Dinner time was the happiest time for your dog because you fed it table scraps. Now, you’re thinking ahead to when your child is mobile and teetering around the living room with string cheese in her hand. You fear the dog will snag that treat, so you’re starting early and trying to ween them off table food. Not fair!
  4. When you come home after a long day, you greet the baby first.  Hello! Did you notice the wagging tail, slobbery tongue and set of paws you’re tripping over on your way to kiss that baby? Your dog missed you, too.
  5. The baby is always in your arms. Dogs need individual cuddle time with mommy.
  6. Now you only take selfies with the baby. Your pet was on its way to becoming a #dogsofinstagram star! Dreams= crushed.
  7. Visitors don’t pay attention. Everyone brings the baby a gift. How about throwing a dog a bone?
  8. The crying wakes up your dog all night. It’s impossible for your dog to get a good night’s sleep with all that noise every two hours.
  9. Smelly poop. Your dog gets yelled out when it poops in the kitchen, but it’s OK for your baby to stink up every room of house. Seriously?
  10. Sibling rivalry. Hey, jealousy! You are your dog’s whole world. And your dog wants you to reflect those feelings, rather than be forced to share your love and affection with an adorable bundle of joy.

Lesson learned from this post: Make sure to give your dog extra love after you have a baby. It’s a big life change for them, too!.

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