Playroom Decor You’ll Adore

I was searching on Amazon for a new playmat and came across the INCX playmat rug that can pull together and double as a storage organizer. It met all my requirements:

1. Big enough for both kids (It’s 58×58).

2. Adorable and photo opp worthy.

3. Affordable. It’s just $24.99, which is a steal. Other mats this size are going for at least $75 on Amazon.

I purchased it and my kids and I love it. My husband actually complemented it too instead of yelling at me for shopping online again. My daughter even likes to use it as a blanket.

I didn’t add the string for the storage function because we don’t plan on folding up.

I love that it gives my kids a fun and clean space to play, especially one that is free of dog fur and dirty paws, which any pet owner can relate to!

Lesson learned from this post: Consider playmats instead of area rugs for kids rooms. They are easier to wash and look just as fun.

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