Meet the Mompreneurs Interview Series: Momkindness

Momkindness 3-in-1 bags can be worn 4 ways and a percentage of each purchase benefits Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, every where. It’s a bag you can feel good about buying! Visit

Welcome to the latest edition of my Meet the Mompreneurs Interview Series. Below is an interview with Momkindness co-founders Kyle Nanna and Molly Lindemann. The brand’s first product is the Carry-All Tote Trio diaper bag, a durable, insight-driven, stylish, multi-tasker. The Carry-All Tote Trio is 3 bags in 1, plus a padded changing mat. The three-pieces — Tote, Organizer Insert and Diaper Clutch — are thoughtfully designed to fit a mom’s ever-changing daily routine. It can be carried on your shoulder, as a backpack or messenger style. Interchangeable Boho-chic and woven straps are also offered, for a style twist or to change things up. With every product purchase, Momkindness will donate a portion of the proceeds to Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere.

Below, Nanna and Lindemann discuss their backgrounds, work-life balance and of course, their business!

Q: I’m obsessed with finding the perfect diaper bag and even thought about starting my own company—one very similar to yours in fact—but then realized it was too much work to take on! So kudos to you for launching your company—and one with such an important purpose. What inspired you to launch Momkindness, a brand that gives back to the community with every item sold?

Molly Lindemann: We’ve worked together in marketing and product development for several amazing mom and baby brands for many years, and this inspired us to one day launch our own. The idea for Momkindness came from a desire to pay forward all the awesome support we’ve received from other moms in both our work and family lives. In terms of the give-back, we admire brands that include one-for-one giving in their philosophy, and we wanted Momkindness to adopt this as a brand pillar right from the start.

Q: Why did you choose to partner with Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, every where?

Kyle Nanna: There are so many amazing nonprofits dedicated to helping moms and their babies, and in our eyes, Every Mother Counts has always risen to the top of this list. Their mission and beliefs are aligned with ours, and what better way to spread momkindness than to help another mom as she starts her journey into motherhood.

Q: As a mom of two, I always need a big tote to carry for all my children’s items, but I don’t want to lug it around when I’m going on a quick run to the store. Lately, I have been throwing a smaller crossbody bag into my big bag, so I can pull out my crossbody when I need it. That’s why I love that Momkindness bags are three bags in one! Why did you decide to develop this particular bag system?

Molly Lindemann: The clever “mom hack” you describe is actually quite common! So many moms are carrying multiple bags, or bags within bags, to accommodate their daily hustle. We spent a lot of time researching and talking to moms, reading reviews and testing products.  Of course no two moms are alike, but we discovered several recurring themes in diaper bag usage, wishes and dissatisfactions. These led to the unique design of our CarryAll Tote Trio. It’s 3-bags-in-1, so you can take them all or take only what you need – the Organizer insert with all baby’s things, the CarryAll tote with a laptop pocket, and the Diaper Clutch with changing pad for quick outings.

Q: Are there more products or colors in the works?

Kyle Nanna: Absolutely! While our CarryAll Tote actually does convert to a backpack, we are working on a new backpack only style and exploring new colorways as well. Stay tuned! Our vision for Momkindness also extends beyond diaper bags, and we have other new product areas in development for the future (…once we can catch our breath after launch).

Q: Are all the products vegan/ also kind to animals?

Molly Lindemann: Yes, the primary material in our CarryAll Tote is waxed canvas, and we use vegan (synthetic) leather accents.  

Q: You both have backgrounds working with mom, infant and kid brands. What roles have you played? Can you name any brands you’ve worked with?

Kyle Nanna: We’ve both held a variety of different roles in Marketing and Product Development. We actually met and worked together at a company called The First Years (now owned by TOMY) over 15 years ago. At TFY, we learned so much about best practices in product development, especially in categories for new parents. We still rely on those learnings today, in every aspect of our brand. Following that experience, we’ve had the good fortune to work together with a variety of both juvenile product and toy brands, large and small, which exposed us to so many creative talents and different marketing approaches.

Q: How has your work/ life balance changed since running your own company? Do you have more or less “me time?”

Molly Lindemann: Definitely less “me time,” but we’re enjoying most everything related to launching Momkindness, so it barely feels like work. Kyle and I actually started our own consulting business 12 years ago, so we’re accustomed to the benefits and challenges of being on our own. By far, working as a team has made this launch experience more manageable, less stressful, and way more fun.

Q: How many hours per week do you spend on your business?

Kyle Nanna: We both work full-time hours, but with great schedule flexibility. We put the hours in, but are able to juggle between work and family needs daily. Flexibility is the benefit we value most. We’ve actually found ourselves on a Skype at 5:00 a.m. or 10:30 p.m., but don’t mind at all if that means we can get to an afternoon sports game or family event.

Q: How do you de-stress?

Molly Lindemann: Launching Momkindness as a team, rather than solo, has helped divide any work stress in two. Thank goodness for that! We laugh a lot at work, and try to never take things too seriously. Family time is the best way for us to de-stress. We’re also runners, and have been known to have some of our most productive “meetings” on a hike or trail.

Q: What are your inspirational mottos?

Kyle Nanna: Yikes! In all honesty, I can’t think of any. I assume the “no cameras on Skype before 7 a.m.” rule doesn’t count?

Q: What advice do you have for other mompreneuers or those thinking about starting their own business?

Molly Lindemann: Since we are still so early with our launch, we’re really can’t offer any advice just yet. We’re still more on the receiving end of advice from some great mentors and brand owners who have helped us get this far.  

Q: What is the most memorable moment of kindness you have received from another mom?

Kyle Nanna: Great question, and one that we love to ask our customers and brand followers. For me, it’s actually so hard to pick just one. But one of my most memorable was a momkindness moment on our first day in a new daycare when I was a bit lost in the drop-off routine and a fellow mom in the classroom sensed my panic and came right over to the rescue. Her quiet, calm help during a vulnerable moment left a truly lasting impression.

Molly Lindemann: I am so lucky that I have so many unbelievable mom friends who share momkindness with me daily, including my business partner Kyle! I do remember a lasting momkindness moment that a good friend shared with me right after I had my first child. I had just come home from the hospital and she showed up on my doorstep with new “stretch” yoga pants, Motrin and some “extra roomy” underwear for those first few weeks after delivery (I laughed, cried and thanked her all in one emotional outburst!).  Most people come visit with gifts for the baby, but she had been through this before and knew how handy these would all be – and she was right!!

Lesson learned from this post: You’ve got to hustle if you want to start your own business, but at least you’ll have a one bag that can help you transition from mom to work life– and your purchase is helping to support other moms in need.

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