This is my first blog in years

Hello! Welcome to the website in which I will hold myself accountable to write blogs- mostly for myself, but for you, too. I’m a writer at heart but ever since I became a mom– almost 5 years ago– I stopped writing! Working full-time, raising (now) two kids, two rescue dogs, maintaining a house and trying to have conversation with my husband leaves little “me time.”

We all need personal time.

It’s so hard for me to step away from everything and just be “Joelle.”

Before I became a mom, I used to say that of course I would leave the baby with my husband so he could bond with her and I would see my friends. Yea, didn’t happen. As soon as I became a mom, my daughter became the most important thing in the world and I never wanted to be separated from her side.

When I went back to work I had HUGE working mom guilt. After work and on weekends, I never made plans that didn’t involve my baby. That includes date nights with my husband. Truth be told, we have had maybe six date nights in the past five years and they are usually around things like concerts or weddings. I’m working on it!

Part of the reason I also don’t go out at night is because I’m still not sleeping a full night and getting all the rest I can so I can function the following day is top priority. My son is almost two and isn’t fully sleep trained. Why? Because I totally don’t sleep train. But things aren’t all that bad. Sometimes I get four hours of sleep in a row! Sometimes he even sleeps the whole night. I’ve had chronic fatigue/ Epstein Barr for about 20 or so years now and I am pretty sure I would be a mess if it wasn’t for B12 shots!

As I mentioned, I’m working on being a more fun wife. I’ve been a goal-getter my whole life and I even have “more date nights” on my vision board.

I’m a lifestyle publicist and I spend my days working from home pitching my clients to bloggers, editors, TV producers and radio hosts. So many of them are self-help experts and authors. Each book I read or social media post of theirs I view, inspires me to lead a life I truly love and to accomplish my dreams. Now I’m taking action.

I also had a very scary life-changing experience after the birth of my son that really made me realize life is short and if we’re not happy in every single area than we better take steps to get there.

In short, I got diagnosed with a post-pregnancy liver disease called fatty liver from pregnancy that took six months to diagnose. It was the most terrifying experience of my life and I made myself sick with anxiety, dropped like 50 pounds (I guess losing the baby weight quickly is one thing that came out of it???) and worried about how my children would go on without me if I got bad news. THANKFULLY I AM CLEARED AND IN GREAT HEALTH NOW– but the PTSD /anxiety from that event is something I still went to talk to a professional about and manage on a daily basis. (I’ll write more about this in another post).

Being a mom is so hard emotionally, right?! We think of everything in terms of our children. We do everything for them. And then you have a shocking life event or hear something on the news and are reminded that you are not immortal.

That experience was a wake-up call for me to change my career path.

I always dreamed of being a work from home mom but never quite found a way to do it. I came close once and had a job that let me work from home three days a week, but I didn’t love it. I left there and found a job that let me be more creative and that was closer to home, but the work still didn’t fulfill me. I wanted to use my skills as a publicist to help the dreamers, the go-getters, the underdogs– and I wanted to do it from home so I could be a near my two kids and be as much of a “stay at home” mom as possible while still bringing home a viable income.

The day my liver specialist told me my blood test results were back to normal, I vowed to go after everything I wanted in life. No excuses. So I decided to turn all my freelance work into a legit company and formed my own firm. My goal was to use it to make additional income doing work I really love while I look for a job that also meets my needs.

I updated my resume and started applying for work from home jobs and I FOUND ONE. Even better, this job would let me do PR for authors– and as an author myself, I was super excited.

I got the job!

And now I work with super cool clients. I learn something from all of them. Bonus- I have a flexible schedule and I have time to do things that are important to me, like going to mommy and me yoga or doing media outreach for people who do life-enhancing things that I am passionate about- like dog training or opening an allergy-free bakery (I’m allergic to everything) through my own company. I’m officially a #momboss. Dream achieved! I even have a mug that says it, so I’m really official.

So here’s my blog. I’m finally doing it. And I’m going to write about whatever I want. Maybe it’ll be about my kids, or a purse (I am really obsessed with bags), or the brand of potato chips I constantly eat (Luke’s Organic White Truffle & Sea Salt Chips). Maybe I’ll interview some of my super cool clients because my background is also in journalism and I really, really love speaking with people and sharing their stories. I might tell you about a band you should know, because I used to be a music writer/ TV host and that’s a big part of who I am.

I look forward to getting to know you, too. So follow me here and on instagram and let’s be virtual friends.

Lesson learned from this post: I’m a work-from-home mom with issues and dreams and I’m conquering them all. Come along for the journey.

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