5 Fun Things for June



1. After a decade of wanting to make Trash the Dress t-shirts I finally found a way that makes sense. Here’s my Hero with Girl Power Etsy shop. There are cute shirts, hoodies, tote bags and more for my books, book lovers, dog lovers, girl power advocates, and K-drama fans. More will be added regularly. Check it out and follow @herowithgirlpower on Instagram for updates and inspiration.


2. I am obsessed with K-dramas. Currently counting down to new drops of The Midnight Romance in Hagwon. I thank the universe for sending me (as a book publicist) a client with a K-drama book. It opened me up to this world that has changed my life. I love that rom-com K-dramas are written by women, focus on women, and take you on an emotional journey with happy endings. Watching a K-drama is like seeing a romance novel unfold. I am fulfilled after each episode and feel like I watching something meaningful. I’m also super inspired as a writer.


Want to watch some K-dramas on Netflix?

Here are the first three K-dramas I watched and I think are a good start!

  • Business Proposal (so funny and the production details are top notch and fun)

  • Romance is a Bonus Book (love that this is around a divorced woman and a book publishing company)

  • CRASH LANDING ON YOU (this is a masterpiece and the best thing I have ever watched in my life but don’t watch it first because nothing will ever compare and it does take a few episodes to get into it)

If you like K-dramas, follow me on Instagram @thejoellesperanza and let’s talk!


3. I’m working on a fun idea around The Comeback Tour. Stay tuned for more but for now read the book ! Spend this summer sharing a tour bus with the boy band bad boy of your teenage dreams. Cailin and Jax are the ultimate summer love story. Get @thecomebacktourbook now on Amazon.

4. I just read a draft of a fun new YA novel from a publicist and fellow indie author I met on this very Substack! It was my first time giving an endorsement. Can’t wait to share more.

5.  I cut my hair short and feel like myself again! We did family pics this week and I have gained a bunch of weight so I was unsure if I would be happy with the photos. But you know what? I am embracing my new curves because I’m happy. I’m just buying cute new clothes as I go LOL. As I try to figure out food allergies, health issues, perimenopause, and other things that work against me, I know I am doing the best I can to feel healthy. I LOVE swimming and it really helps me stay active. I think I am going to start weight training as well to strengthen my back, neck, and hands. I hear it’s also good for perimenopause management. Have tips? Would love to hear! Don’t tell me anything about changing my diet or supplements, though. With my food allergies I am limited. It’s frustrating but I’m focusing on what I CAN do and not what I CAN’T do. Looking forward to summer at our lake (in a BIKINI)! Can’t beat vitamin D, family, friends, reading on the beach and nature!

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