My Ode to the K-Drama Crash Landing on You

Hi. I haven’t posted much because every free second of my life I have been binge watching Crash Landing on You. ❤️ It’s a masterpiece. The best thing I have ever watched. The ultimate love story. 💔I have never been so emotionally invested in any other love story and I have been watching soap operas since I was a child.

It took me a good 5 or 6 episodes to realllly get into it. I almost quit after episode 1 but everyone told me to stick with it and I am SO GLAD I did! Nothing compares.

I refuse to watch American shows with my husband because they don’t leave me feeling so fulfilled. Like other K-dramas, CLOY is super addictive!

This show takes you on a journey. Other American shows I feel make you happy and have cliffhangers, but the script here enriches your soul and makes you think and feel a rollercoaster of emotions. The slow-burn romance unravels in gut-wrenching and heart-fluttering prose. 🌟The writing and production team are true artists.

Another thing really special is that the main characters fell in love in real life and are married.

If you love CLOY and K-dramas, let’s be friends

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