The Rewards of Going Uphill

My daughter is learning how to ride a bike and struggles peddling uphill. Today she asked me if she can just ride downhill instead.

My reply?

You have to pedal hard uphill to get to the smooth riding downhill.

This applies to so much in life and I want her to learn early on that hard work and obstacles lead us to easier times and greater rewards.

Just a little reminder that whatever YOU are going through in life, no matter how challenging it is, you will get through it. Not only will you get through it, but you’ll learn more about yourself and inspire others from all you have accomplished.

When I got divorced in my twenties, I lost my job and some of my closest friends at the same time. I had to move back in with my mom. My world seemed like it was falling apart. Life threw me one heck of a curveball. But I used the opportunity to follow my passion and focus on starting my own Internet TV show (it didn’t make me a super star but I had the best time ever doing it). I connected with other divorced women, made new friends and spent a year writing a book! Since then, I’ve reached thousands of young divorced women around the world and we formed a secret support group on Facebook, where everyone continues to help each other manage the struggles of divorce.

Now happily remarried and a mom of two, I have different uphill challenges. What are some of yours?

Lesson learned from this post: Don’t take the easy way out. Each challenge will also bring rewards. Just keep peddling!

Joelle Speranza


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