International Women’s Day 2024

♀️We have a lot of work to do for our girls. I wrote Princess Genevieve: The Hero with Girl Power @princessgenevievebook for my daughter when she was 5. I published it right as the world turned upside down but I hope she (and my son!) sees me chasing my dreams and not letting life hold me down despite obstacles.

💪Recycling these old photos that popped up but my mission to empower girls of all ages and life stages continues!

👭And my own life stages inspire me to help others. I hope sharing my stories about divorce, parenting, anxiety, etc help you see you are not alone! We are stronger together.

🌈Life may not always be a fairytale, I KNOW. My own life has been FAR from it. BUT I’ve used that as fuel to help others. Chase my dreams. Focus on the positive. Heal trauma (do we ever really heal?!). Create the life I want and deserve. I hope you do, too.

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