Hello to all my new followers

👋 Hi to all my new followers! Let’s get to know each other!

📚 I’ve been a publicist for 20 years working in everything from music to healthcare and consumer brands. I found my passion as a book publicist. I specialize in non-fiction.

👩‍💻 I published my first book @trashthedressbook (about divorce in my 20s) in 2014. I literally sent my files to print and then went into labor with my daughter!

👑 I grew up writing stories on a typewriter. But I didn’t publish my first fiction until @princessgenevievebook . I have done a few other children’s books for my kids.

❤️ I found my creative passion writing romance novels. @thecomebacktourbook is my first and I am working on the second book– just getting ideas sorted in my head!

📺 I looove soap operas and grew up watching with my family. You can always expect plot twists in my novels!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I’m a full-time working mom–book publicist–with a daughter (age 9) and son (age 6).

🐾 I have three dogs @pawsitivitypups

🍕My husband makes @ancoraartisanpizza

📸 I used to study photography and want to get back to it.

🎶 Also used to have an online TV show and interviewed my fave bands.

🫒 Allergic to soy, fruits and veggies, shellfish, some nuts…. basically can eat like 10 things. Food allergy life!!

💙 My fave bands include Butch Walker, Silverchair, Boyzone, BSB, Bon Jovi, 311, Sugarcult, Unwritten Law

🌄 Morning person! I go to bed early.

💤 Chronic fatigue since I was 21 and got mono.

🌈 Love to inspire people and look on the bright side but also have situational anxiety, esp with health matters after having a post-partum scare.

☕️ Straight-edge. No drinking, no drugs. Always have been.

🐅 Love tigers. Have a bunch of tattoos– one is a heart colored with tiger stripes.

👓 Gave up contacts years ago. Embracing cute frames!


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