5 Fun Facts

5 Fun Facts

  1. I’ve been reading holiday romance novels. My recent favorite is Faking Christmasby Kerry Winfrey. It’s the first book I read by this author but I just put all her other books on hold at my library. I really like her writing style.

  2. Last night I watched Christmas With You. I haven’t seen Freddie Prinze Jr. on screen in a while and thought, “gosh he looks old now!” Then I realized he is not too much older than me! #aging Speaking of aging, more women need to talk about perimenopause. Anyone out there in this world with me?! It seems like every issue I have is SOMEHOW connected to perimenopause. But we can talk more about that at another time!

  3. My husband and I recently traveled to Atlanta to see my favorite band, Marvelous 3, reunite to celebrate 25 years of Hey! Album. It was our first kid-free trip and I’m not sure I’ll ever leave the kids for a few days again until they are way older and don’t want to call me on their watches crying every two minutues. BUT I’m so glad I got the courage to go! It’s also crazy to think that I’ve loved Butch Walker and this band for 25 years and now my favorite frontman has gray hair. Do I seem like I talk about aging a lot now? I’m definately having a moment accepting that I am (blessed!) almost in my mid-40s (LOL). Here is something Butch told me many years ago during one of our interviews when I had my music ‘zine and TV show. It’s always stuck with me and inspired me. Share if it inspires you and tag me!

  1. I joined a pool and took my first water aerobics class. Just me and the 60-80 year-old women! But I don’t care because it was fun and a workout I actually like. Also, it’s way harder than you think!

  2. Working on my January stories for pets and parenting topics. Send ideas my way and pitch me at joelle@joellesperanza.com with SUBSTACK in the subject line!



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