Ode to Unwritten Law PLUS I Reveal a Big Secret

🤫Big secret at the end of this post.

🎶We all have bands that define parts of our lives. This is the story of how one legendary punk rock band intersects my life over the course of 25 years as a music journalist, publicist, author, and parent.

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the black album. When I first discovered Unwritten Law, I was in high school and obsessed w pro surfing. I heard their songs on a video and was sold into the punk world, became a skater girl, and later found my first boyfriend in college the day he walked into the movie theater where I worked wearing an @unwrittenlawofficial shirt. I spent my days in class writing the lyrics to Cailin on my brown paper bag book cover (because I am that old) and today it’s still one of my favorite songs.

🎥Back in the day of my ‘zine we did an interview in a NYC cab leaving CBGB (ah, the best and worst venue). In what seems another lifetime ago when I had my indie music PR agency, I even got to do a little work with Scott & Aimee, which was such an awesome side project for Scott and just the start of Aimee Allen who is now tearin’ up stages with @theinterrupters (I should pull and post some awesome acoustic videos I have of Aimee around her solo album from my TV show).

That brings us to today. A highlight of my kindergarten mom life this year is meeting another mom who loves UL! Always special to connect w other former scene girls turned moms because WHERE ARE THEY?!!!

📕And here is a BIG REVEAL if you read this far…. in the romance novel I just wrote/ am editing and revising/ querying the female lead is named… Cailin. ❤️

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