3 Signs My Dog Sent Me After She Passed Away

I recently lost my 14-year-old plott-hound Lulu. Since she’s been gone these past two weeks, she has sent us signs that she is still with us.

1. A black butterfly came outside our house. My daughter somehow spotted it out the window. We all went outside to see its broken wing. After we went inside, my mom said she went back out and the butterfly died. She put her under our deck, so “Lulu” could rest in her yard. This was the sign that Lulu wanted to pass over around her family.

2. I took the kids to the library for a summer reading party and they got to pick from a pile of free books. The first book I saw had a black dog on the cover, was titled Dog Heaven, and published by Blue Sky press. I got Lulu after my husky, Skye Blue, died. This was the sign that Lulu was safe in heaven with Skye and our other dog, Lucky.

3. While my husband and I were at a wedding and my mom was over again babysitting, a black picture we have (the night sky/constellations from our first night in our new house) in our bedroom came flying off the wall. It has never fallen before and no one was upstairs. This was the sign that Lulu is still watching over us and near us. 

My mom consulted her psychic to confirm all this. It gives me comfort to have these signs and know her spirit is with our family.

I share the story of adopting Lulu in my book, Trash the Dress: Stories of Celebrating Divorce in your 20s. 

I also feature Lulu in my children’s book, Princess Genevieve: The Hero with Girl Power.

Lulu's last portrait. On her favorite couch.
I will miss my walking buddy.
Our pack
I hope she knows I loved her even though I gave her the personal space she preferred.
Lulu in my children's book, Princess Genevieve: The Hero with Girl Power

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