I’m writing a new book

Big news! I’m writing a new book!

I am have wanting to write a new book for a while. I’ve been publishing some children’s books as you know, but I’ve been yearning to write another adult book. I have been going back and forth with ideas, and even started one but put it as a work-in-progress on hold. BECAUSE…I had the idea for a book I am SO PASSIONATE about, I have to write it. It’s going to be so fun!

I am SO EXCITED to embark on this new creative project. BUT, I am taking my time, giving myself a one-year goal to finish the draft. If it takes longer, that’s OK. I am not going to stress. I am going to enjoy writing, researching, and everything else this entails. I am going to write when I am inspired and feel fresh and not struggle to jam it in to a busy life of working and momming. This is my passion, my self-care, and one of my joys. Yes, it’s work, but I can’t wait to hold this book in my hands!

I will share more as I go!

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