Book Crush: Book Lovers

Book Lovers has so much hype and I’ve been patiently waiting my turn on the library list to see if author by Emily Henry’s writing lives up to everything I’ve read. 


 I will admit it was a slower start to me compared to the few other romance novels I am used to reading and it took a good 78 or so pages of setting up the characters back story to really pull me in. But then I could not put this book down and quickly finished the remaining few hundred pages in two days. I even cried at the end and teared up a few times throughout.

"Book Lovers is a story of a mother's legacy, fierce sisterhood, dream chasing, moves that can risk it all, and ultimately, love between two people who individually you might not ever like in real life, but together win you over as you root for them to the end."

Bonus points included for quoting my favorite movie, Love Actually. I also loved that Nora and Charlie work in the book industry like me! Excited to read more books by @emilyhenrywrites, who btw, has awesome bangs. 

Joelle Speranza


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