5 Fun Things

  1. VACATION. I just got back from a family trip to Florida. While we were there, we fed alligators through a tube.

  2. BOOK CRUSH: Happy Singles Day by Ann Marie Walker. This is the second @annmarie_walker book I read (first was Lucky Leap Day) and now I want to read them all. The stories are really cute, easy to get into and connect with, and entertaining with funny twists and turns so it’s really hard to put these books down. I find myself reaching for the book before my phone, so yay for staying offline. I particularly love this one because it involves a litter of puppies and references to Friends, Nottting Hill, and Ninja Turtles. Also, the cover wins me over at first sight and the author loves the movie Love Actually so we should probably be bff. Anyone else a fan? I have been posting about books I’m reading on my Instagram @thejoellesperanza using #joellesbookcrush if you want to follow along!

3.TOTE CRUSH: MZ Wallace Small Metro Tote Deluxe. The bag of the summer: @mzwallacenyc small metro tote deluxe in a bold yellow leopard 🐆 print.
This is my first small metro tote and I am LOVING it. It’s the perfect lightweight and gentle on the body (obsessed with the nylon fabric and padded straps and will not use any other bags for that reason) bag. Small and compact enough to be comfortably worn as a crossbody but the straps are long enough to be carried on my shoulder or elbow. So roomy!! More than enough room for my basic essentials but here’s why it’s a must-have for me: I can fit my Nikon point and shoot camera inside and still feel like I am wearing a small crossbody bag to be hands-free for summer adventures to the zoo or mall. As always, the two outside pockets on the deluxe bags are non-negotiables for me now. One holds my phone and the other a water bottle.
I still use my other MZ Wallace deluxe metro totes and packed them all for this trip to Florida. The large was the perfect carry on bag. The medium I take when I need to carry more, like my emergency medicine bag and food on the go for me and the kids!
The MZ Wallace small metro tote deluxe is the ultimate crossbody bag that lets you carry everything you need with room to spare but doesn’t weigh you down during your adventures.
4. NETFLIX. I am late to the game, but have been binging on Emily in Paris.
5. TECH. Just scored an early Prime Day deal on the new Nikon Coolpix B500. Ask me how excited I am to have a smart camera that connects to my phone so I can finally start taking high quality photos on our adventures AND easily upload them print quality for my photo books etc. (Which I can’t do with cell phone pictures. And I am also OCD and back up all my photos on two external hard drives and upload to #shutterfly!) I usually shoot on a Cannon Rebel SLR but in my search for a smaller, easy to carry camera that was made at least in the year 2020, I found this Nikon (on sale half price, no less!) and decided that I liked my old Nikon point and shoot so I would give this a go. So far, so fun!

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