Tote Crush: MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote Deluxe Review

I previously declared that the MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote Deluxe is “The Ultimate Mom Bag,” because it provides all the function we dream about and allows you to carry everything you need for yourself and multiple kids in an organized, lightweight, washable bag that keeps your personal style maintained, too.

I’ve used that bag for two years and now that my kids are almost 5 and almost 8, I have started carrying their essentials in backpack (filled with snacks, drinks, change of clothes, allergy medicine and first aid kit), when we go out.

This is my "not an influencer" pic with my bag!

The MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote Deluxe is now too big for my daily life, but the features of MZ Wallace Metro Tote Deluxe line are still exactly what I need- just sized down. So I recently budgeted and saved (thanks to lessons I learned from The Budget Mom) for the MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote Deluxe. It’s my new everyday bag and then I save the MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote Deluxe for weekend outings or trips when I need an additional bag or have more to carry.

As a hardcore MZ Wallace fan, I am super proud of myself for staying strong through the Christmas sales and all the discounts I’ve seen at random online boutiques that sell the bags and waiting for the one versatile color and style that I can use for years and seasons to come. I chose the Atmosphere color because I have a mini backpack in that shade and love it.

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I also want to share my savvy online shopping skills that got me this new, deluxe bag for about $60 less than retail price!

Are you ready!?

First, you need the Raktuken app on your phone or browser. (BTW this post is not an ad for any products or sponsored in any way at the time of me posting. I am just sharing things I love and my tips for others!) I love the Raktuken app because I earn cash back from shopping and whenever I get a check back, it goes right into my savings account! So, I am buying things I would buy anyway, but making money back. It’s a win-win.

On Raktuen’s e-commerce shopping platform, you can search by store or product. So when I saw that luxury retailer had a special ten-percent cash back going on Ratkuten (as opposed to the usual two percent), I headed over to check out the bags. THEN, I saw that when you sign up for the Neiman Marcus email list, you get 15 percent off your first purchase. BOOM! That would save me a significant amount of money, topped with the cash back I would get from purchasing here.

So I splurged and got the MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote Deluxe in Atmosphere for my birthday / Mother’s Day gift to myself! I still feel guilty when I make purchases like this, but for me, the bag is actually something that improves my daily life, health (the practically weightless nylon and padded straps don’t cause my shoulder, neck, and back pain to activate) and function (and I budgeted for it, so as The Budget Mom, Kumiko Love says, we are allowed to spend money on ourselves or budgets will never work!)

MZ Wallace Zooey in Sunflower Ombre

Here’s how I use the MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote Deluxe:

  • In the main compartment, I use the MZ Wallace Large Zoey case in Sunflower. This “cosmetic bag” is my absolute must-have. It weighs less than one pound and has a bunch of pockets inside so I can easily organize everything I need and can grab in a second. I change bags a lot (backpacks for weekends, totes, my lake bags, etc.) and often forget to transfer essential things- like the night I forgot my Epi Pen and was a nervous wreck without it. Now, my Epi Pen is visible for anyone who might need to grab it and all my other frequently used items are totally organized. I can keep my sanitizer right alongside my Enjoy Life Foods dark chocolate bars and not worry about them coming in contact. The best part? I just transfer this into any bag I use! It even fits my wallet and phone. No necessary item left behind! This pouch solves so many problems because now I can use any bag I want, even if it’s not designed with a ton of pockets.
  • One small outside pocket holds my cell phone, so I can easily access whenever I want to check a notification or snap a photo.
  • The other small outside pocket perfectly holds my water bottle, so I have no fear of it leaking on anything.
  • I can throw other water bottles for my kids on the outside travel sleeve when it’s zippered at the bottom.
  • There are two outside zipper compartments- one on each side. I use one to hold whatever book I am reading.
  • On the other side, I actually store my MZ Wallace Crosby Crossbody in Dawn that I scored on sale about five years ago! It’s the perfect, lightweight bag to use when I want to run into a store or social event and can throw in my keys, wallet, Epi Pen, phone and have easy access. I can throw my MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote Deluxe down and have the essentials by my side!
  • I have been using the large pouch that comes with the bag to hold my allergy-free crackers that I snack on, because I can easily shake it out. But it can hold anything else I need!
  • There is plenty of room inside the bag to hold my Cannon SLR camera when I take I it out or anything else I want! It’s open for snacks or whatever else I want to throw it. When I go shopping and buy small things, I often throw them in there, since we live in an area where stores don’t give out bags, and we need to carry our own reusable bags.
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Another thing I love about MZ Wallace is that it’s a female-founded company, gives back to charity and uses recycled materials that are good for the environment. This is not an ad or sponsored post!

Do you have the MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote Deluxe? How do you pack it and why do you love it?


The MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote Deluxe is the ultimate everyday bag to organize everything a woman on-to-go needs and you’ll look good and feel good carrying it.

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