5 Fun Things- April

I turn 41 this week! Happy birthday to me! Because of COVID, I was delayed getting my first mammogram and then had a bit of a scare that resulted in an ultrasound and MRI. The good news is, all is OK!! And I am extra grateful for another year (and proud of my improvement in anxiety management!) Can we normalize women talking about their mammogram experiences so we can help others when they are worried they have to advance to further testing?

My husband’s birthday is four days after mine. Anyone else have the same birthday week as their spouse? We threw him a little surprise party with family down the Jersey Shore boardwalk. I had to cancel 500 times because OF COURSE both my kids got the flu the week before. But we were able to celebrate last minute! Check out how amazing these homemade Kotz Kookies are! My husband owns Ancora Artisan Pizza (a mobile wood-fired oven) and works at Mike’s Hot Honey, for reference.

I’m on the Aries/ Taurus cup. My birthday is April 20th, so depending on what horoscope you read, my sign changes. I have qualities of both Aries and Taurus. I am also probably the only straight-edge person born on 4/20.

My kids and I are binge watching The Thunderman’s on Nick. It’s so good, I can’t deny.

My doodle is eating my deck. Get a doodle they said. They eat wood, they omitted. Anyone have good outdoor rug suggestions that I can use to cover the holes in our deck? I’m not really a fan of outdoor rugs because they get so dirty and soaking wet when it rains. Open to suggestions! We have Ruggable inside the house, but I heard the outdoor rugs fade and the pad underneath traps water outside. Help!

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