Book Crush: My Money My Way

I am telling all my friends to read My Money My Way: Takin Back Control of you Financial Life by Kumiko Love (aka The Budget Mom). Unlike many finance experts that overwhelm you information you have to Google about, Kumiko shares tips that worked for her. Her inspirational story of divorce into single-mom life and how she came out of debt will make you feel that if she can beat the odds with everything she faced, you can too! Even if you’re not in massive debt, this book is a useful tool.

I have been wanting to up my financial game and learn how to better budget by paycheck and this book helped reframe my direction. I’m stressing less and feel like I have a plan. I also joined her private Facebook group and love seeing how other women champion each other on their debt-free journeys! I know what I need to save- and that it’s OK to treat myself, as long as I budget for it!

And to start my journey, I even got this book at my local library, instead of buying it! Go me!

Joelle Speranza


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