Book Crush: Live in Love by Lauren Akins

I LOVED Lauren Akins (@laur_akins memoir) Live in Love –so much that I finished it in a less than a week while I unplugged from social media over Christmas break.

Live in Love is a story of love, finding strength and relying on faith in difficult times, making dreams come true (including her hubby @thomasrhettakins country music career), and making a difference in the world. Add this book to your reading list and also check out @loveoneint to help children in need. (After reading, I totally had my daughter’s Barbie adopt a child from Uganda when we played the next day. I always try to give her life lessons when we play!)

📝 LESSON LEARNED FROM THIS POST: You need to disconnect your really connect. Spend time focusing on relationships, passions, and growth, instead of worrying about what people on the Internet are doing.

Joelle Speranza


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