Confession: I Totally Cried Watching iCarly

📺 Do you watch iCarly?

👄Confession : I cried throughout the last episode of the original iCarly last night. My daughter and I have been binge watching and when I saw last night was season 5 episode iGoodbye, I panicked that I was not ready to watch (🤣😂😅).

When the show first came on, I was too old–and making my own Web TV show–to notice. Though, my younger cousin would always tell me I reminded her of “the iCarly girl” @mirandacosgrove.

This quickly became a special show for “Mommy/ Genevieve time.” 

Pictured (L-R): Jaidyn Triplett as Millicent, Nathan Kress as Freddie, Jerry Trainor as Spencer, Miranda Cosgrove as Carly and Laci Mosley as Harper of the Paramount+ series iCARLY. Photo Cr: Paramount+ ©2021, All Rights Reserved.

It was extra special to me because I WAS that dreaming chasing girl with a web show. And just like Carly, I said goodbye to mine (when the time called for me to.. well, face reality and get a corporate job). But the experiences, memories, and friendships I made along the way I will cherish forever. And I hope that by watching that with my own daughter, she will be inspired to have just as much fun chasing her passions as I did.

G and I will move on from iCarly with memories just like we did with Victorious and Sam and Cat. 

And my husband will get pulled into watching the NEW iCarly with me on #ParamountPlus. I already started a few episodes and love how Carly was able to get back to her passion and just tweak it for her current stage of life and audience.

Isn’t that something that all mothers search for? Right now is not the time for me to spend attending events, or hours rendering footage and editing clips. But maybe one day, I will be back on air with a new topic, too.

For now, writing fulfills my creative drive and I am content pulling up YouTube and showing my kids that their mommy used to be cool and have a web show, too. My daughter laughed and can’t believe it. My 4 year-old son told me he was bored! 

⁉️How many of you can relate?

📝 LESSON LEARNED FROM THIS POST: iCarly is a really good show that moms and daughters can watch together and both enjoy. You might find a bit of yourself in the characters, too! And… it’s OK to take a break from your passions, and get back to them with a refreshed vibe once the time is right.

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