I mentored a 6th grade class

👩‍💻I was the virtual guest speaker for a 6th grade English class! They are learning about narrative writing and reached out to me to discuss my process and career, and share tips. We had a Q&A at the end, and this one one of my responses. Chasing my dreams has been so much fun and I want to encourage my kids (and everyone!) to have the same joy in their lives.

📚I was also so excited that the teacher bought two of my books, @princessgenevievebook and My Heart is In Your Heart, and read them to the class!!

🌈I’m going to be staying in touch and reading stories that students send me. So happy to be able to give back and mentor young writers and dream chasers.

📝LESSON LEARNED FROM THIS POST: Your biggest success might not be something you accomplish, but who you mentor. Take time to give back, and you will feel rewarded. 


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