My New Children’s Book: Little Lessons From Luca

Surprise! I wrote a new book! This one is just for my son. We made it together. I wrote the story, used his art work, and designed the layout in @blurbbooks.

I have been wanting to write a book about him for about two years now, ever since I published @princessgenevievebook for my daughter when she turned 5.

I seriously had anxiety about having written a book for one kid and not the other. But I had obstacles! Like money. It can cost thousands of dollars to publish a book (especially a children’s book) between hiring an illustrator, printing costs, being forced to buy a certain number of author copies, creating an LLC, website… you get the idea. And I had writer’s block. I had concepts for a story, but being a busy mom, never really had the time to sit and write.

FINALLY, this year, I started writing Luca’s story on my laptop while sitting in my car every day waiting to pick up my daughter at school. How is that for useful time management?! 

I had the idea to use Luca’s art because he draws every day and it really captures who he is at 4 years old. Ok, and it saves money and allowed me to use the self-publishing tool from Blurb and immediately print.

It’s not for sale, it’s just special for us. And we are going to keep writing books and printing them for our own family library because we love storytelling and creating. Genevieve is working on her book and we have plans to do one together, too.

I love that at age 7, she has these goals and is working towards them!

Yes, books are my business (I am a book publicist). But WRITING, CREATING, and SELF-PUBLISHING are my passions. I began writing stories as a kid on a typewriter and by college had my own #zine. I am a writer at heart. And I want to enjoy my own process and do it for fun and not worry about all the business side! 

One of my goals for 2022 is to enjoy simply “being” and doing what I am passionate about more than always striving for success and being worried about goals (hahah). And for me, that starts with indulging in something I love!


Joelle Speranza


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