Currently Reading: The Gap Decade

Reading The Gap Decade by Katie Schnack is like having a girl’s night out, but you don’t have to do your hair or makeup. Each chapter is a conversation piece that ends with you feeling emotionally supported and connected. Katie details her life journey from college to motherhood in an honest, raw, and very humorous storytelling style. I want all my friends to read this book because we can identify with it in so many ways- from dream chasing, to having faith during hard times, to dealing with anxiety. I’m lucky to call Katie my real-life friend and fellow book publicist, but you don’t have to Skype with her daily to feel the same. You should, however, follow her on Instagram because she has a home farm and posts the most adorable photos of her baby pigs, goats, and horse. And if I was ever actually motivated to leave my house for a girl’s night out, I’d want to go there.

Lesson Learned From This Post:

The Gap Decade by Katie Schnack is a must-have for your reading list. Get one for yourself and a friend!

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