Creative Holiday Gift Idea: Print Instagram Photos from Social Print Studio

We’re always taking pictures with our phones and uploading them to social media, but how often do you actually print them? The holidays are the perfect time to invest in something that you’ll actually cherish forever: your memories! I love the classic square pictures from Social Print Studio, which can be uploaded directly from your Instagram page. They make great coffee table décor, but this year I had a new idea: printing photos for my seven-year-old daughter to display in her room. She’s the perfect age to appreciate a gift like this and I know she will be so excited to decorate her walls with photos of her friends, pets, family and art. I even printed some for my four-year-old son because he loves looking at family photobooks and now he’ll have his own collection. It’s never too early to begin teaching our kids the importance of heartfelt gifts and starting at just $17 for 48 photos, this is a stocking stuffer steal! 

(Note: This is not an ad or sponsored post. Just one of my favorite things!)


Holidays aren't just about making memories. They're also about sharing them with creative and meaningful gifts.

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