Currently Reading: A Coat of Yellow Paint

I’m currently reading and loving A Coat of Yellow Paint: Moving Through the Noise to Love the Life You Live  by Naomi Davis, founder of the popular blog, Love Taza.

I first discovered @taza through MZ Wallace, when the brand posted photos of her carrying the (yellow, of course) Metro Tote. The yellow metro tote is on my unicorn list, but I digress.

When I heard she had published a book (and saw the price dropped on Amazon), I ordered a copy. I never dived too far into reading her blog, or more than occasionally glanced at her Instagram, but I am devouring this book.

It’s a collection of essays on motherhood and tackles so many important issues, like mom guilt, anxiety, friendships, and dream chasing.

Reading A Coat of Yellow Paint for a few minutes a day leaves you feeling like you had a really meaningful conversation with a girlfriend. 

I read every day when I go to pick my daughter up at school, I get there a half-hour early. This not only allows me to be first in the pick-up line (hello, anxiety and OCD time management), but also gives me the opportunity to enjoy listening to my own music in the car and read books! School pick-up is my new self-care. It forces me to get away from the computer, take a break from work, and dedicate time to a personal passion.

And that, my friends, is why my kids will never take the bus to and from school. Ok, other reasons, too!

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There's time for self-care in our day, if we creatively carve it out.

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