TOTE CRUSH: Tote Bag Review and Comparison: Marc Jacobs Small Weekender, MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote, and Mina Baie Audrey

I’m so excited to share my thoughts on the gorgeous Marc Jacobs small weekender bag in Blue Heaven. For comparison, I’m also showing the MZ Wallace medium Metro Tote in Rose, and the Mina Baie Audrey crossbody bag in tan.

I’ve been searching for a small, lightweight crossbody bag for the summer. Normally, I would go to MZ Wallace.

However, the smaller the MZ Wallace bag, the smaller the handles. You can’t wear the mini or small bags on your shoulder, which is a major fault.

When I saw the Marc Jacobs Weekender line, I was struck. The line comes as a Marc Jacobs Small Weekender, Marc Jacobs Medium Weekender, or a Marc Jacobs Large Weekender.

They bags have outside pockets, which are an essential feature for me to store my keys and cell phone with easy access. And the padded straps fit as a shoulder bag—no matter the size! This scores major points over my beloved MZ Wallace bags. Marc Jacob bags also have quality nylon material that doesn’t rip or tear easily, as many of my MZ Wallace bag have (though I still love them!).  The downside? I wish the Marc Jacob totes had an inside key string and more inside pockets for organization like MZ Wallace bags.


I’m showing you the Mina Baie Audrey bag in tan as a size comparison. It’s a gorgeous leather bag with a ton of inside organization. However, the bag does get heavy when full packed.

And it’s too small to fit my MZ Wallace Metro Pouch, which holds all my essentials, like my Epi-Pen, allergy medicine, and Zenni Optical fog-free eyeglasses and sunglasses, which I put on when going shopping during the pandemic.

But, my Marc Jacobs small weekender holds my MZ Wallace Metro Pouch AND my Birdling Zip pouch. The Birdling Zip pouch actually helps make up for the lack of inside pockets in the Marc Jacobs bag because it has pockets for me to store hand sanitizer and tissues for easy reach—and my masks can go inside!

I’m excited to take this new bag out and about and will let you know how it goes!

I have high hopes that it’s the perfect small, personal bag for me to carry in addition to my MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote Deluxe bag, which I use to lug all my kid’s stuff!

Do you use any of the bags I mentioned? Do share your thoughts! Follow me on Instagram @thejoellesperanza

This post is not an ad, and not sponsored. It’s written from my passion for tote bags and organization!

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