My Super Rare and Collectible Music ‘Zine

🎸 Were you a punk rock/ indie scene kid?

🙋‍♀️ I was. Music ruled my life and fueled my dreams.

📰 I ran an all-female staffed indie music fan ‘zine for 10 years and eventually we turned it into one of the first music web TV shows.

🎵 One Wapred Tour in particular, we were chosen by Drive-Thru records as Best Fanzine and got to make the label’s magazine for Warped and interview all their bands. AMAZING.

⭐My friend @stephaniemariaaa made my day yesterday when she texted me a photo of that Drive-Thru fanzine I made, being sold as a “super awesome and rare” collectible on depop.

📸 Took me right back to the days of us young girls hauling suitcases of ‘zines and cameras at 8 a.m. across stadium parking lots and bribing little fans to help us. Sweating under tents and being so excited to just be able to walk up to the Skeleton Crew table and interview @frankieromustdie for a My Chemical Romance story. Or interviewing Vinnie from The Movielife under stadium stairs. And that time we interviewed a new band called Good Charlotte and I debated if we should put them on the cover of our next issue. Or when Tim Pagnotta from Sugarcult took my camera while he was on stage and started snapping pictures of the crowd.

❤ We felt so alive. And I have suitcases upon suitcases of those old ‘zines, pins and flyers to walk down memory lane one day with my kids.

❓What are your favorite Warped Tour memories!?


You might think your time has passed or that you're old news, but someone else might view you as a super rare gem.

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