Will Spoonies with Chronic Fatigue Get a Cure from COVID-19 Research?

Do you have chronic fatigue or Epstein Barr virus?

✔I do.

📚I got a severe case of mono in college and had to take a semester off— and stay in bed for six months. I was unable to do anything. Eventually, I slowly came back into the world, but I have never been the same. I don’t even know how I got sick, but I swear it was drinking from a dirty cup at a book store cafe where I worked for one week.

🥄Over the years, I have become a spoonie and learned how to manage my energy so I can have fulfilled days. I am super strict about going to bed early and sticking to a schedule. I know the only exercise I can handle is walking. I take my B12 and in a pre-pandemic world, got B12 shots every 3 weeks. Going without then has been pretty hard but I am thinking about going back to my regular schedule soon.

I’m interested to see if there is actually any progress with this research!

❓Do you have chronic fatigue?

📩I would love to connect!

No one understands how life is unless you have it! It has definitely caused me a lot of issues in my social life from those that don’t understand how important rest is and how much we need to plan and pace out our days unless we want to spend the next week in bed.

And I love my bed… but only during my planned sleep 💤


Vitamin B-12 can be life changing and can provide just the energy you need to go from being a dreamer to a do-er.

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