4 Ways to Turn Your To-Do List into Mini Self-Care Moments

Moms are masters of multi-tasking. But how often do we use our super powers for our own good? I’m not talking about working while you help virtual school your kid just to get through the day. We need to create mini moments of “me-time” in the middle of our messy days for our mental health. I’ve been re-framing my thoughts about my to-do list and now look forward to it!

Here are four ways to turn some of your biggest household chores—including cooking, cleaning, and laundry—into moments of self-care.

  1. Listen to music while you cook. Not the KidsBop versions, either. Play music that will boost your mood. The bands you pushed your way to the front of the mosh pit for when you were in college. The anthems of your life. My personal favorites include 311, Silverchair, Hanson, Backstreet Boys, Sugarcult, Bon Jovi, and Butch Walker. Music can really change your mood and set a new tone for the day or invigorate your night. You can’t be stressing about your day or worrying about the future when you’re singing along to “Hot Girls in Good Moods.” Now that we’re spending so much time at home, we’re not in our cars and thinking about music as much, but it’s an important spirit-booster and motivator.
  1. Call your friends while you clean. Cleaning, calls, and cardio are a triple win right here. Your floors get swept and washed, the house gets dusted, beds get made, and by the end of it, you felt like you got a great workout. You’re getting rid of anxious energy, turning your mess back into a stay-at-home- sanctuary, and getting free therapy by catching up with your friends. Maintaining relationships with those important to you is so hard during this quarantine, but this is way to fit it in! On Sunday mornings, my husband goes food shopping and my kids are usually happy and feel like playing with each other, so I take advantage and connect with my besties.
  1. Fold clothes and catch up on your favorite TV shows. I retreat to my bedroom to fold laundry and catch up on episodes of General Hospital and Bold and the Beautiful. I don’t mind sorting through mountains of clothes when I’m watching Liam tell Hope that he slept with his ex, Steffy, and she’s pregnant and he may be the father.
  1. Paint with your kids. We all want more quality time with our kids and aim to make things special, but some activities can have a more positive effect on us. Take painting with water color for example. Join in the fun with your kids! Painting can be a big stress reducer and also helps spark your creativity. Bond with your kids while you give your brain a break.

Lesson Learned From This Post:

There is time for self-care, even in the most hectic of days. You just have to re-frame your mind and get creative.

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