I got a Cameo from Nick Hexum

Just wanted to share this Cameo my husband surprised me with from Nick Hexum, who is my #1 inspiration for positivity in life. I grew up writing 311 lyrics in notebooks and I use them today to get me through everything, esp when I have anxiety. Now that I have kids, my daughter Genevieve and I watch Instagram videos Nick makes with his daughters, and my son, Luca, and I have the 311 song “Good Feeling” as our anthem. I can’t even tell you how much I love hearing Luca sing the part, “not today..” and Nick actually put that in the Cameo on his own!  And I’m so happy that Nick really made this personal and talks about raising daughters and that he’s going to check out my children’s book, Princess Genevieve: The Hero with Girl Power! Swoon!! Good job, husband.

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