3 Ways for Kids to Have Halloween Fun Without Trick-or-Treating

Going batty over what to do with your kids this Halloween because you’re playing it safe during the pandemic? It’s a 2020 parenting challenge for sure. But there are ways to overcome this dilemma, get your kids in the spooky spirit, and use this unique situation to begin new family traditions.

Here are 3 Ways for Kids to Have Halloween Fun Without Trick-or-Treating:

1. Have Halloween Haunted House Party.

Wait until Halloween to paint and carve pumpkins. Play Halloween music on Alexa or another streaming device. Bake festive cookies. Play a “Pin-the Tail on the Halloween Cat” game that can be ordered on Amazon. Color the Bluey Happy Halloween Coloring Book (Yes, an actual Disney Jr. Bluey product that isn’t out of stock!) You can even go trick-or-treating in every room of your house or do a Halloween candy hunt (just watch the chocolate if you have dogs). Be sure to dress up, too! Costumes like this Toddler Plush Lion Halloween Jumpsuit from Target are perfect because they’re comfy enough to stay in all day.

2. Deliver “Boo Bags” to your friends

Making “Boo Bags” captures the fun of trick-or-treating and eliminates face-to-face COVID-catching fears. Your kids will love making these for their friends. Simply fill a brown paper bag with candy, an activity like mini Halloween coloring books and crayons, etc., slap on a sticker and then surprise your loved ones by delivering it to their door. To keep it extra germ-free, you don’t even have to ring the doorbell! Just call or text them to come outside and watch from the sideline with your mask on, while they discover their gift!

3. Attend a Halloween Drive-Thru.

There are a lot of outdoor festivities that you can participate in and don’t even have to leave your car! Check your local event listings for drive-thru light shows or popular houses that you can drive past and view front lawn displays. If you’re in the New York or New Jersey area, Skylands Stadium Jack-o-Lantern Experience and Jurassic Quest dinosaur pop-up are popular attractions.

Lesson Learned From This Post:

It’s possible to have a fun and safe Halloween if you get creative. You might even start a new tradition!

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